The list of the partner companies of the Mistral Capital Management

Actavis Italy S.P.A - (Italy)

Since its inception, the plant has always been famous for its excellent reputation due to the professionalism of its employees, their experience and modern equipment and technology. Over the years, the plant has gained advanced experience in the production of injectable drugs in various pharmaceutical forms: solutions and lyophilized vials, ampoules and pre-filled syringes.

Nerviano currently employs about 360 people. The factory area includes large amount of spacious offices and four production divisions hosting six production lines. The packaging department operates on 6 lines, while warehouse deals with both semi-finished and finished products.

Nerviano strives to comply with regulatory requirements and is internationally endorsed by the most important regulatory authorities (FDA, MHRA, CFDA, AIFA, PMDA, and ANVISA): it produces and distributes worldwide a wide range of generic products of the highest quality, as well as selected well-known brands and innovative products.

Aurea Pharma S.C. - (Poland)

Aurea Pharma is a company specializing in the development and provision of specialized skin care products for patients during and after radiation and chemotherapy.

Their mission is to constantly improve the quality of life of patients by improving maintenance therapy in oncology. Aurea Pharma products are formulated to properly care for the skin and protect it from the side effects of cancer treatment.

The highest effectiveness of Aurea Pharma products, which was appreciated by doctors and patients for many years, was confirmed by receiving the Consumer Trust Award ZLOTY OTIS 2016. Thus, RadioProtect and ChemoDry B6 creams were included in the prestigious group of the most powerful and respected consumer brands in the Polish market.

ACS Dobfar S.P.A - (Italy)

ACS Dobfar is an Italian private chemical pharmaceutical company headquartered in Tribiano, about 10 km from Milan.

ACS Dobfar was founded in 1973, and today it employs more than 900 employees, distributed over 6 production sites.

ACS Dobfar is a fully integrated provider of low-cost, high-quality pharmaceutical intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and finished dosage forms (oral and injectable).

ACS Dobfar products are sold in more than 100 countries.

ACS Dobfar manufactures beta-lactam and non-beta-lactam anti-infectives, in particular cephalosporins, carbapenems and penicillins.

Cyndea Pharma, SL, - (Spain)

Cyndea's activities range from drug development to industrial production, always in accordance with the most stringent and demanding quality and safety standards. This ensures safe handling of highly specialized products. Cyndea Pharma develops its products to subsequently license them for the commercialization of pharmaceutical companies. Cyndea Pharma's Elveg (Soria, Spain) factories use the latest highly specialized drug manufacturing technologies. Production aims to provide excellent professional services and customer satisfaction, working in accordance with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Cyndea Pharma has been approved by the Spanish health authorities as a pharmaceutical laboratory and is certified to be in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and quality control requirements for pharmaceutical products. It also holds ANVISA certification (Agência Nacional de Vigiliância Sanitaria or Brazilian Agency for Health Supervision).

A professional research and development team, formed of graduates and doctors of science in the field of pharmacy, chemistry and biology, allows company to constantly develop new and highly specialized generic drugs.

Dong-A ST Co, Ltd., - (Korea)

Dong-A ST Co., Ltd is a Korean company mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals. Development directions include gastric mucosa protective agents, antihistamines, ischemia modifiers, antithrombotic agents, growth hormone, and also drugs to deal with functional dyspepsia, hyperlipidemia, peptic ulcer disease, hypertension and brain metabolism disorders. It manufactures and sells diagnostic reagents for hepatitis E, I, A, and B.

In addition, he is involved in the production and sale of medical devices, including implants for artificial joints and maxillofacial surgery. The company distributes its products in the domestic market and in foreign markets, including Brazil, Turkey, Cambodia, Taiwan and Myanmar.

Eubion Corporation Sp. z.o.o. -  (Poland)

Bion Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of a dietary supplement. Its comprehensive product line focuses on enriching life by meeting important health needs from childhood through the golden years. Bion Corporation enters the global market with a vision of human health. Its policy is to constantly keep up with the best production methods that can be found on the market and supply customers with the best products based on the best ingredients.

Bion Corporation also offers high-quality contract manufacturing services for dietary supplements in the form of tablets, capsules, syrups, pediatric drops, sachets. Company’s products have been recognized by the most demanding customers around the world.

Facta Farmaccutici S.P.A-  (Italy)

Haupt Pharma Wolfratsha usen Gmb.H - (Germany)

Haupt Pharma is a global leader in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Competence and experience are key factors in its success. With a focus on innovative technology and high quality standards, Haupt Pharma is a reliable partner for the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Haupt Pharma is one of the leading contract manufacturers in Europe (CDMO). The range of services includes the entire value chain for the development and production of all major dosage forms (solid, semi-solid and liquid) and product groups for medicines and food additives. Haupt Pharma provides a full range of services for customers from industry and commerce. It covers everything from product development, procurement of raw materials, production and analytics to packaging and logistics.

High quality standards, innovative technologies and a clear future orientation ensure the continuous success and dynamic growth of the Group.


IDOL is a pharmaceutical company that has been producing contract drugs in accordance with GMP regulations in injectable form since its establishment. 

It is a well-established company with a management style that is based on respect for its business, its environment and its employees and aims to work with its employees, customers and solution partners for a long time.

It is a company that grows by being preferred in the sector with its solution-oriented approach built on trust in injectable production. With its customer portfolio that it has been serving for many years and newly added, İDOL is one of the manufacturers that has the largest share in the human and animal health injectable pharmaceutical market.

It helps its customers compete in foreign markets with its production quality and cost advantages, and exports to many countries.

In its journey, which started with the production of drugs in the form of IDOL ampoules, it has provided production diversity by responding to the demands of the customers for the production of drugs in different forms.

LimHealth s.r.l. - (Italy) 

Limhealth was born on July 28, 2014 thanks to a passion for a manufacturing company from two professionals, Cristina and Tiziano, who combined their vast experience and interest in production.

Their outstanding experience includes their long work in the pharmaceutical, and then in the field of nutrition. This is a story of passion and devotion to the company.

Limhealth is a young and fast-growing Italian company located near Milan, a contract manufacturer and developer of food additives and medical products. Currently, Limhealth's production and development includes many drugs, such as multivitamins, herbal medicines, pre-probiotics, and cough suppressants, health products for women and men for all ages, antacids, drugs for joint mobility, digestive and intestinal health, cardiovascular health, etc., most of them are already available to new customers.

Laborest Italia S.p.A. - (Italy) 

LABOREST was founded in 1991 as a partner of RESTIVA in the search for natural raw materials for human health. LABOREST devoted the first years of its research to the following therapeutic areas: orthopedics and physiiatry, neurology, angiology, gynecology.

An absolute precursor in the use of lipoic acid with TIOBEC®, the company made important investments over the years that led to the launch of the brands TROCÀ®, PINEAL NOTTE®, BLUNORM®, TROCÀ FLU®, SINOPOL®, ARTROSULFUR®, TENDISULFUR®, KISTINOX, which still represent the company's flagship products and are also key products on the market. Since 2015, LABOREST has joined the Uriach International Group, one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in Europe, which still retains its identity.

Currently, LABOREST is one of the top ten companies in the Italian nutraceutical market thanks to two departments of medical and scientific information, with more than 150 scientific representatives, who are able to cover the whole country every day and maintain contact with almost all doctors in target areas. Its development plan includes the launch of the new Consumer Health business line, in addition to the historical division of Medical Healthcare, which expands Laborest's product portfolio and makes the company more visible in the nutraceutical market. 

Laboratorios BIO-DIS España - (Spain)

A company with an international perspective. Laboratorios BIO-DIS is a family-owned company led by the Cantarero de Artacho siblings, whose personal vision of a healthier society of active people with an increased awareness of preventive health prompted them to accept a challenge that seemed unthinkable back in 1992. 

They distributed only third-party products, but shortly after they realized the enormous opportunities in the new market, they built their own factory, setting up a family company, which, 25 years later, has a solid business foundation supporting an unstoppable business. 440 products are sold in more than 40 countries, making the company one of the manufacturers of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements with the largest coverage in this sector.

The secret of Laboratorios BIO-DIS's success is based on a proactive vision of innovation that permeates every aspect of the business.

Laboratorios Leon Farma S.A.,- (Spain)

This specialized research center, located in the Spanish pharmaceutical factory (Leon Pharma), is engaged in research and development specializing in hormonal oral contraceptives (HOC) and hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co., L.L.S. - (The Sultanate of Oman)

LLC Oman Pharmaceutical Products Co. (OPP) was born from the vision of the late Mr. Ajit Hamlay on the development and promotion of local experiences in the pharmaceutical industry in Oman. With the mission of quality medicines, human health and well-being and the environment; OPP was founded in 2001, and today company is a fully integrated global healthcare provider with strengths throughout the pharmaceutical value chain.

The facilities have been approved by key regulatory authorities such as: US-FDA, MHRA-UK, TGA-Australia, GCC-DR, ANVISA-Brazil and more. They have significant research and development capabilities that expand product portfolio. OPP is the one of the fastest growing companies in GCC. They manufacture and sell high-quality branded generics in more than 40 countries, including regulated markets such as the US, EU; Semi-regulated markets, such as KSA, UAE, Jordan and Unregulated markets, such as Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria, Yemen.

Remedica LTD (Cyprus)

Remedica is a leading pharmaceutical company located in Cyprus, and its pharmaceutical products are distributed in more than 160 countries. Originally founded by Mr. Chris Patticis in 1960 as a carbon dioxide producer, it has gone through various stages of development and now specializes in the development, production and sale of high-quality, safe and effective pharmaceutical products for human use. It also sells a range of other health and care products.

The pharmaceutical product range consists of more than 300 types of generics , branded generics and over-the-counter products are represented. It offers products from various therapeutic categories, including antitumor agents, antiviral drugs, cardiovascular agents, dermatological agents, anti-infectious products, central nervous system agents, gastrointestinal agents, respiratory tract agents. Currently, Remedica has 5 state-of-the-art factories, all of which have been inspected and approved by the health authorities of a number of member states of the European Union, including Cyprus, Germany, the UK and Denmark, as well as Russia and Australia. (TGA), Brazil (ANVISA), Japan (PMDA) and many others.

Regenyal Laboratories - (Italy)

Due to the absolute safety of the substances used, Regenyal Laboratories stands out among others and works to take care of the naturalness, health and harmony of patients. Therefore, it is obvious that the Company is so proud of its injection products that fully comply with the Green Injection standard. In the modern world, it is becoming increasingly obvious that in order to maintain a beautiful appearance and protect it from the signs of the times, it is very important to take care of yourself. In addition to supplying high-quality products and thus adding value to the “Made in Italy”, one of the most important tasks of Regenyal Laboratories is to take care of the environment. In fact, the new laboratories were created using environmentally friendly technologies.

Ecology and aesthetics finally meet and together take steps towards responsible development.

Synthon Hispania S.L. - (Spain)

Synthon is an international pharmaceutical company specializing in the development and manufacture of high-quality generic and hybrid medicines for patients around the world. Synthon's innovative research and development, as well as its proven ability to manufacture and distribute high-quality pharmaceutical products, provide the company with good prospects for the future. Its products are currently approved by regulatory authorities in about 100 countries.

Synthon has a globally oriented API or drug manufacturing company in the Czech Republic, Argentina, Chile and Spain. Branch in Chile also participates actively in the direct commercialization of a diverse portfolio of products in the local market, as well as branch in Mexico. In addition, Synthon has dedicated business development and registration offices in Russia, South Korea and the United States.

Synthon B.V. - (The Netherlands)

Synthon s.r.o - (Czech Republic)

Sindan Pharma S.R.L. - (Romania)

Having joined the Actavis group in March 2006, the Romanian division strengthens the group's activities in the field of oncology. The Romanian branch covers the center of excellence of the Group for the development, production and marketing of generic oncological medicines.

With a wide range of cancer products, the company is successfully represented in a growing number of foreign markets. The last market in the portfolio is represented in the United States and Japan, where since 2008 the company has been selling oncology products manufactured at a manufacturing facility in Bucharest - Sindan Pharma, a company previously acquired by Actavis Group in 2006. Actavis offers its customers the widest range of product portfolios and the most advanced generic product lines. Actavis currently sells over 830 products (over 10,000 items) in hospitals and pharmacies worldwide, covering all relevant therapeutic areas. In 2008, the company released more than 660 products (235 molecules), and in 2009 the number of new products increased to 800.

Uriach y Compania, S.A.- (Spain)

Uriach was created more than 180 years ago, with the spirit that still underlies the principles of business today. This makes Uriach the oldest laboratory in Spain and the second oldest in Europe. It also makes the company unique and authentic. Uriah can confidently and enthusiastically solve the upcoming important tasks.

Uriach's goals are collective and result from the merger of heritage and future projects. It represent history and the past, as well as innovation and the future, as a force that can change things and pave new ways.

VEM İlaç San. ve Tic. A.Ş., - (Turkey)

Vem İlaç is operating in the health sector since 2000. It offers products used in many different areas of treatment, such as nephrology, chest disease, gastroenterology, pediatrics, urology, dermatology, cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, intensive care, anesthesia, to serve Turkish medicine.

The main production of solid, semi-solid, liquid, BFS and injection production lines (ampoules, vials, lyophilized) at the Vem İlaç factory, which was established in the Cherkezkoy Organized Industrial Zone on an open area of ​​21 thousand square meters and a covered area of ​​8 thousand square meters since 2013. In addition to the factory, there are high warehouses, administrative buildings and social facilities.

VEM İlaç values ​​doctors and pharmacists, patients, government agencies and organizations, business partners and employees and always acts in accordance with ethical rules in collaboration with them.

Vem İlaç collaborates with many international companies in accordance with its goals, is determined to exist constantly in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry and in the international pharmaceutical market, without abandoning its vision of sustainable growth with its experienced, educated and young staff.



“We Act to Save Lives”

Mistral Capital Management Limited

“We Act to Save Lives”

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