About Us

Mistral Capital Management LTD is a pharmaceutical company with an international business model, which specialises in projects that take into account current socio-medical trends and fundamental changes in healthcare needs.

In terms of research and development, the primary focus of the business is the medical sector, specifically hospital suppling by pharmaceuticals and medical devices. One of the main objectives of our experienced professionals, is the development of comprehensive projects that fall within the "diagnosis-treatment-prevention" framework, for medical and pharmaceutical professionals. This involves finding and implementing new opportunities, that best utilize the vast array of modern tools and achievements of medical science, as defined by the needs and opinions of modern industry leaders.

Mistral Capital Management LTD was founded in 2008, the company's legal office is registered and operates at the following address:  9 Whitmore Manor Close, Coventry, England, CV6 2PH. The main business of the company is the sale of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Since 2013, the company has been engaged in contract manufacturing, supply and promotion of pharmaceutical products used for the treatment of cancer, hematological diseases, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis and others in the target markets. The company's portfolio contains a wide range of antimicrobials, dietary supplements and medical devices, providing a comprehensive approach to ensuring the effective work of the doctor with the patient.

Mistral Capital Management LTD is working to establish an effective business model in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and developing partnerships for the expansion into new pharmaceutical markets in Africa and other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

In Ukraine, the business strategy for Mistral Capital Management Ltd has been implemented by a subsidiary - LLC "PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY VISTA", which carries out the marketing, distribution, quality control and pharmacovigilance for Mistral Capital Management LTD, in this country.

The company's USP is a combination of a unique business management model, along with its wide portifolio of knowledge in numerous markets in Europe, Asia and Africa. These markets have been extensively researched to acertain demand, competition  and scope for innovative development and new business opportunities, that will enable Mistral Capital Management LTD to become a pioneer in many target pharmaceutical markets.

Company`s mission: 
To enhance and prolong peoples’ lives around the world, by delivering a wide portfolio of innovative, affordable products and services for the health care, that utilize and build upon the latest developments in medical science.

Our goal: 
To provide greater access to quality treatment for people with socially significant diseases and prolong their lives with affordable medicines, made by recognized world leaders in the pharmaceutical industry.

By investing wisely, reducing costs for the company's secondary needs inherent in business globalization, and excluding prices growth of our medical products by optimizing all levels of cost management - from staff and business processes to investment in advertising campaigns, Mistral Capital Management Ltd. will pursue the strategy of fair products cost.

Our culture is to achieve the goal:

  • Clear understanding of customer needs;
  • Finding non-standard solutions and new opportunities;
  • Result orientation;
  • Priority of professionalism and compliance with world quality standards of our products;
  • Improving advanced skills and experience.

“We Act to Save Lives”

Mistral Capital Management Limited

“We Act to Save Lives”

Mistral Capital Management Limited