What are the generic drugs?

Generic drugs are the equivalents of original medicines, the patents validity of which have expired or did not exist at all. They contain the same active ingredients as the original medicines. Generic drugs are also equivalent to original drugs for quality, effectiveness and safety. This is confirmed by the therapeutic practice, as well as the documentation of the registration certificate and studies of biological equivalence. Generic medicines are also becoming more important in the world, because they offer the same quality but more affordable price, and they also can be considered as an acceptable alternative form of treatment compared to the original medicines.

Generic medicines Mistral Capital Management Ltd offer additional benefits.

In accordance with the strategy of Mistral Capital Management Ltd, we work with the world-famous generic companies with additional benefits: high-quality products with an affordable price.

Quality, efficiency and safety.

The quality of the AFI (active pharmaceutical ingredient) of our medicines is confirmed by a variety of laboratory tests using the most sensitive, reliable and effective analytical methods and equipment. With improved synthesis and research process, generic AFIs can even be of superior quality than of the AFI's original manufacturer.

The European Pharmacopoeia (CoS) monograph certificate, issued by the European Drug Quality Directorate (EDQM), is the highest quality standard in Europe. It confirms that the AFI corresponds to European Pharmacy Standards. Manufacturers, supplying medicines to Mistral Capital Management Ltd have the mentioned certificates for a number of AFI.

Generic medicines Mistral Capital Management Ltd are equivalent to the original. Pharmaceutical equivalence is confirmed by quality control tests in vitro, and the therapeutic equivalence is confirmed using in vivo tests and biological equivalence studies. In both cases, generic drugs were compared with the same for the original drug manufacturers.

The effectiveness and safety of the Mistral Capital Management Ltd products are also regularly checked and confirmed in practice. Extensive clinical studies are the part of the pre-registration (Phase III), as well as the post-registration (Phase IV) research and work on the fields of pharmaceutical equivalence.

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“We Act to Save Lives”

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“We Act to Save Lives”

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