Early diagnostics of osteoporosis is the aim of cooperation of the pharmaceutical company "Vista" with the medical center "VERUM"


Every third woman on the shady side of 50 and one in five man on the shady side of 60 years suffer from osteoporosis, which leads to disabling fractures, the incidence of which in women is higher than the rate of heart attack, cerebral accident and the breast cancer in combination. Osteoporosis is one of the most important problems of modern healthcare, as it leads to severe fractures of the spine and other bones, reducing the life expectancy. The social significance of osteoporosis is due to high prevalence, especially considering the increase the frequency of manifestations in persons of working age on the top of comorbidities.

Densitometry is a simple, but a key aspect in the diagnosis of skeletal system, early detection and confirmation of osteoporosis, the appointment of treatment and prevention techniques for fractures.

The purpose of the company "Vista" is to implement the widest routine densitometry to reduce the osteoporotic fractures among the population of Ukraine by early diagnosis and the appointment of appropriate treatment of osteoporosis.

Unfortunately, densitometry may not always be available due to lack of research equipment (ultrasound, X-ray). But without a special examination, the doctor can not make an precise diagnosis and appoint an effective treatment. Generally, patients with suspicion of osteoporosis are referred for consultation in specialized centers, where densitometry is a mandatory testing. And how to be with other patients? Osteoporosis is a insidious disease with almost no symptoms, which ends with a fracture. The only effective way to fight against osteoporosis and, as a result, to determine effective treatment is based on densitometry.

Taking into consideration the prevalence of osteoporosis in Ukraine and the need for early screening of the population at risk, the pharmaceutical company "Vista" began cooperation with clinics to provide densitometries.

"Vista" has imported and certified a batch of modern European-made X-ray ultrasonic densimeters to improve the detection and successful treatment of osteoporosis in all regions of Ukraine.

On August , the 21th, representatives of the "Vista" met with the leadership of the private clinic "VERUM" in Kiev. The clinic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the pathology of female health, where osteoporosis plays a significant role. Until now, the medical center did not have its own densitometer, but such a need existed for a long time.

During a meeting with the director of the clinic Chernenko Elena Alexandrovna and the clinical director Zhezhera Vadim Vladymyrovych, the comfortable portable ultrasonic bone densitometer Sunlight MiniOmni manufactured by BeamMed (Israel) was presented to the clinic staff. Vadim Vladimirovich is an expert in matters of diagnosis of bone and metabolic disorders, well acquainted with the principles of ultrasonic densitometry. He has tested the device.

Densitometer was transferred to the management of the clinic for screening diagnosis of a wide range of visitors of the medical center.

Due to effective cooperation, the patients of the "VERUM" have gain an offing to timely diagnosis of osteoporosis, which would prevent serious complications caused by the disease.

Pharmaceutical company "Vista" opens new opportunities and prospects for diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis for doctors and patients!

“We Act to Save Lives”

Mistral Capital Management Limited

“We Act to Save Lives”

Mistral Capital Management Limited